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Anita Tsoi (born Moscow, 7 February 1971) is a Russian singer of Korean descent. Her grandparents emigrated from Korea to the Russian Far East, and were .Aug 15, 2017 Viktor Tsoi, the charismatic frontman of rock group Kino, was one of the As history repeats itself and the air is sucked out of the room once .

lyrics I thought that people can only fly in a dream and only in the movies But when you walked through the open door in my heart, everything changed.Current career. Anita Tsoy was appointed as an "Ambassador of Korean Culture and Tourism" between Russia and South Korea by South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun during his official visit to Russia in 2004. It was announced on the singer's official site that a new album, called "глубина"("Depth") is going to be recorded.

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Anita Tsoi is 56 years old and was born on 11/11/1962. Anita's Reputation Score is 3.85. Previous to Anita's current city of Woodinville, WA, Anita Tsoi lived in Kenmore WA. We know that Anita is single at this point.Anita's mother was born in 1944 in Tashkent , Uzbek SSR , Soviet Union and successfully graduated from the Moscow State University and became a chemistry doctor Tsoy's mother did everything she could to make her daughter educated in all kinds.

Viktor Robertovich Tsoi was a Soviet singer and songwriter who co-founded Kino, one of the most popular and musically influential bands in the history.Anita Tsoy is a Russian singer-songwriter of Korean descent. She is a Meritorious Artist of Origin, Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. Genres, Pop .

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Anita Tsoi Overview Anita Tsoi has been associated with one company, according to public records. The company was incorporated in Nevada seven years ago and is no longer active.Anita Tsoy records her fourth album "На восток" ("To The East") in 2007 and changed her image greatly since the 2003; she turns to manga-anime style. In autumn of the same year she performs with her "To The East" show, which attracted more than ten thousand people. Following the show, the DVD-recording of this live concert was released.


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